Fantastic new plant found on our nursery

On our nursery at West Buckland a few years ago, we noticed a yellow leaved sport on a Rubus Spectabilis Olympic Double specimen.
It looked so interesting because the leaf colour was very distinct from the parent plant and so we decided to propagate a few cuttings to see how it developed over a period of time.

We can now say that this was a terrific discovery….not only does this plant have the salmon pink/magenta double flowers of the parent but they are now appear with the soft golden-yellow backdrop of the leaves.

The shrub grows to about 1.2 metres in height with a spread of approx. 1.5 metres.

It prefers moist soil and dappled shade (not too deep)

We will be giving this plant a new name and will be running a competition for our customers in the near future with a large prize for the lucky person thinking of the best name….Watch this space!

We have included a few pictures of the plant below, so start thinking!