Rosa Rugosa Blanche Double De Coubert


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Common Name: Beach Rose
Size: 2-3 litre
Hardiness: H7
Hardiness Ratings

All ratings refer to the UK growing conditions unless otherwise stated. Minimum temperature ranges (in degrees ˚C) are shown in brackets

  • H1a: under glass all year (>15˚C)
  • H1b: can be grown outside in the summer (10 - 15 ˚C)
  • H1c: can be grown outside in the summer (5 - 10 ˚C)
  • H2: tolerant of low temperatures, but not surviving being frozen (1 to 5 ˚C)
  • H3: hardy in coastal and relatively mild parts of the UK (-5 to 1 ˚C)
  • H4: hardy through most of the UK (-10 to -5 ˚C)
  • H5: hardy in most places throughout the UK even in severe winters (-15 to -10 ˚C)
  • H6: hardy in all of UK and northern Europe (-20 to -15 ˚C)
  • H7: hardy in the severest European continental climates (< -20 ˚C)
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This plant has won a RHS award

2-3 Litre Pot

  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Position: Full sun
  • Soil: Moist, well drained
  • Growth Rate: Average
  • Flowering Period: July-September
  • Hardiness: H7
  • Eventual Height: 1-1.5m
  • Eventual Spread: 1-1.5m

Rosa Rugosa Blanche Double De Coubert, also known as the ‘Beach Rose’ and holder of the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit, is a highly desirable ornamental plant that is prized for its striking double white blooms, as well as its hardy nature and ease of care. This rose belongs to the Rosa family, and it is widely cultivated for its stunning beauty and its ability to thrive in a wide range of climates.

One of the key features that make this so popular among gardeners is its large and abundant double white flowers. The blooms release a sweet and heady fragrance that is sure to captivate the senses. The pure white petals of this rose add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any garden, making it an excellent choice for those looking to create a serene and tranquil outdoor space.

In addition to its beauty, it is also a hardy and resilient plant that can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist common plant diseases. This makes it a low-maintenance option for gardeners who want to enjoy stunning blooms without having to spend too much time on upkeep.

Furthermore, this rose is known for its long blooming period, which lasts from late Spring to early Autumn. During this time, it produces a profusion of large, double white flowers that provide an abundant source of nectar for pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Overall, this is a must-have plant for any garden or landscape. Its stunning flowers, hardy nature, and ease of care make it an excellent addition to any outdoor space. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, this is sure to delight and impress.

How to care for your Rosa Rugosa Blanche Double De Coubert

  • Sunlight: Prefers full sunlight, so it is important to plant it in a location where it can receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day.
  • Watering: This plant requires moderate watering, and it is important to ensure that the soil is moist but not waterlogged. Water the plant deeply once a week during the growing season and reduce watering during the dormant season.
  • Fertiliser: Apply a slow-release fertiliser in the Spring to promote healthy growth and blooming. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying fertiliser.
  • Pruning: Prune in late Winter or early Spring to remove any damaged or dead wood. This will encourage new growth and help maintain the shape of the plant.
  • Mulching: Apply a layer of mulch around the base of the plant to help retain moisture in the soil and suppress weed growth.

Overall, Rosa Rugosa Blanche Double De Coubert is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal care and attention. With proper care, this plant will reward you with stunning double white blooms and a beautiful addition to your garden or landscape.


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