Phytolacca Americana


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Common Name: Red Ink Plant
Size: 2-3 litre
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3 Litre Pot

  • Position: Full sun, partial shade
  • Soil: Fertile, well drained
  • Growth rate: Average
  • Flowering period: July – September
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Eventual height: 4m
  • Eventual spread: 1m

Phytolacca Americana, also known as Red Ink Plant, is a herbaceous perennial which can grow to a total of 3-4m in height. The Phytolacca has deep red arching stems with oval, lance shaped, mid green leaves. In autumn time these leaves can tint with a small amount of purple colouring. This plant also bears medium sized racemes of white, slightly pink flowers followed closely by deep purple/black fruit in the autumn time.

Phytolacca Care

Water well and apply a balanced amount of fertiliser during the growing season. Be sure that the soil is well drained and positioned with enough space for roots to grow, this plant needs to be propagated from seed.

Phytolacca History

The Phytolacca is native to South Eastern America and is known to some as a medicinal plant. The common name “Polkweed” originally began when James A Polk the 11th American president was in power, and all of his supporters were said to wear the Phytolacca leaves therefore gaining the name Polkweed. The plant was also known as a food source where people would double boil the leaves to make a similar food source as spinach, this was so common that even a song was produced about this in 1969 called “Polk Salad Annie”.

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