Making the most of a Winter Garden

We begin December with thoughts of Christmas, but also there is still plenty to be seen in the garden.

Here in the Let’s Go Planting garden we see the flower buds already formed on the Sarcococca Confusa or Christmas Box as it is more commonly known. This fragrant border plant, promises a wonderful display of delicate clusters of white, highly scented flowers, to be followed by glossy black fruits; an ideal snack for the wildlife.


Winter Fragrance

Confusa, sometimes called Sweet Box is a dense rounded shrub with very small tapered, glossy dark green leaves, which can be used to form a small informal hedge. It provides an ideal splash of contrast at a time when the garden can seem to be quietening down. We recommend planting in borders or tubs perhaps by your front door to give your carol singers a waft of fragrance when they call.

Berries for the birds

Pyracantha Coccinea 'Red Column'

As well as the glossy black berries of the Christmas Box we also have an abundance of berries on the Pyracantha or Firethorn as it is often referred to. This year we have orange, yellow and red varieties of Pyracantha creating a lovely display and the birds in particular find them attractive.

Planting Pyracantha against a wall or fence is a good idea to maintain it’s structure, although this spiny evergreen can also be planted as part of a hedge to deter unwelcome visitors. Beware when handling!