Spring Flowering Plants

Hamamelis X Intermedia 'Diane'

Hamamelis Diane ( Witch Hazel ) is one of the best of our flowering shrubs yet raised and has achieved the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit to prove its self! The beautiful deep red/orange sweetly scented flowers appear in January – February on bear branches before the emerging large bright green leaves which with the approaching Autumn begin to turn through rich shades of yellow, orange and red.

Jasminum Nudiflorum  The Winter Jasmine is one of the most tolerant and beautiful of all the Winter flowering shrubs. Bright yellow, star shaped flowers appear on the naked green branches in February. A very good shrubby climber for covering unsightly walls and banks. Another recipient of the much coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit.JASMINUM HUMILE 'REVOLUTUM'

Garrya Elliptica ‘James Roof’ This Silk Tassel bush is a magnificent evergreen shrub, draped, during the Winter-early Spring months with long greyish-green catkins. Dense and upright in habit, it is an ideal shrub for the Winter garden, or training against a wall. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Mahonia Japonica The Oregon Grape is a beautiful species and deservedly one of the most popular and ornamental of all the evergreen shrubs. Magnificent deep green leaves an large racemes of fragrant lemon-yellow flowers from late Autumn to early Spring, followed by shiny dark purple berries. Its architectural foliage and form would add drama to any border. This RHS Award of Garden Merit shrub is also very good for the shady area of the garden.