Vitis Baco Noir


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Common Name: Grape Vine
Size: 3 litre

3 Litre Pot. Vitis Baco Noir.

  • Position: Full sun
  • Soil: Moist, well drained
  • Growth Rate: Average
  • Flowering Period: Spring
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Eventual Height: 10 – 15m
  • Eventual Spread: 3 – 5m

Vitis Baco Noir also known as Baco Noir Grape, is a deciduous vine ideal for use as shade giving plant, the edible compact clusters dark red fruit is also ideal for wine making. Baco Noir is a French/American hybrid grape and was once commonly grown in France, but now grown more freely as an ornamental edible addition to many gardens.

Looking After Your Vitis Baco Noir

Vitis or Grapes will tolerate most soil conditions but must be free draining and in a sunny area of the garden against a wall or stout fence/trellis. Once planted remove all flowers for the first two years after plant to allow the root system to establish, then on the third year allow three bunches to mature, there after allow to produce freely, feeding with a suitable fertilizer, such as tomato feed. Any pruning needs to done early Winter, select preferred side branches ( usually the top five or six ) for fruiting, then remove any other side branches below and between. Remember grapes will not ripen once picked. Always ensure the base of the plant is moist and not allowed to dry out completely, best achieved by using a good mulch of garden compost or gravel, equally not standing in water logged conditions.

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