Edgeworthia Chrysantha


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Common Name: Paperbush
Size: 2-3 Litre
Hardiness: H4
Hardiness Ratings

All ratings refer to the UK growing conditions unless otherwise stated. Minimum temperature ranges (in degrees ˚C) are shown in brackets

  • H1a: under glass all year (>15˚C)
  • H1b: can be grown outside in the summer (10 - 15 ˚C)
  • H1c: can be grown outside in the summer (5 - 10 ˚C)
  • H2: tolerant of low temperatures, but not surviving being frozen (1 to 5 ˚C)
  • H3: hardy in coastal and relatively mild parts of the UK (-5 to 1 ˚C)
  • H4: hardy through most of the UK (-10 to -5 ˚C)
  • H5: hardy in most places throughout the UK even in severe winters (-15 to -10 ˚C)
  • H6: hardy in all of UK and northern Europe (-20 to -15 ˚C)
  • H7: hardy in the severest European continental climates (< -20 ˚C)
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2-3 Litre Pot

  • Position: Full sun, partial shade
  • Soil: Moist, well drained
  • Growth Rate: Average
  • Flowering Period: February-April
  • Hardiness: H4
  • Eventual Height: 1 – 1.5m
  • Eventual Spread: 1 – 1.5m

Edgeworthia Chrysantha, also known as the ‘Paperbush’, is a beautiful, deciduous shrub that is known for its striking, fragrant yellow flowers that bloom in late Winter to early Spring. This plant is native to Japan and China and is a member of the Thymelaeaceae family.

The plant boasts narrowly oval leaves and in winter produces clusters of yellow, paper-like flowers that are highly fragrant and are great for cutting. The plant can grow to a height and width of 1.5 metres, making it a great option for a specimen plant or as a hedge.

Edgeworthia Chrysantha is a low-maintenance plant that is easy to grow. It prefers full sun to partial shade and well-draining soil but will require a fairly sheltered spot. It is also tolerant to a wide range of pH levels.

In addition to its ornamental appeal, the Edgeworthia has a rich history of practical uses. The plant has been used in traditional paper-making in Asia, specifically in China and Japan, for centuries. The inner bark of the plant is used to make high-quality paper, and for that reason, it is also known as ‘Paperbush’.

How to care for your Edgeworthia Chrysantha

  1. Light: Prefers full sun to partial shade. It will produce the most vibrant blooms in full sun.
  2. Water: This plant prefers consistently moist soil, but it can tolerate some drought. Be sure to water it regularly during the first growing season after planting, and during extended periods of drought.
  3. Soil: It is adaptable and can thrive in a variety of soil types, but it prefers well-draining soil that is high in organic matter. It can tolerate a wide range of pH levels.
  4. Temperature: It is frost hardy and can tolerate a temperature of -10˚C so will need protection in colder climates.
  5. Fertiliser: Fertilising is not necessary, but you can feed the plant with a balanced, slow-release fertiliser once a year.
  6. Pruning: Deadheading the spent flowers will encourage re blooming.
  7. Cut Flowers: It makes a great cut flower, it’s long stem and yellow paper-like flowers are perfect for arrangements.
  8. Winter Protection : The plant will benefit from a mulch cover to protect the roots from freezing during the Winter, especially in colder climates.

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