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Common Name: Korean Fir
Size: 2-3 LITRE
Hardiness: H7
Hardiness Ratings

All ratings refer to the UK growing conditions unless otherwise stated. Minimum temperature ranges (in degrees ˚C) are shown in brackets

  • H1a: under glass all year (>15˚C)
  • H1b: can be grown outside in the summer (10 - 15 ˚C)
  • H1c: can be grown outside in the summer (5 - 10 ˚C)
  • H2: tolerant of low temperatures, but not surviving being frozen (1 to 5 ˚C)
  • H3: hardy in coastal and relatively mild parts of the UK (-5 to 1 ˚C)
  • H4: hardy through most of the UK (-10 to -5 ˚C)
  • H5: hardy in most places throughout the UK even in severe winters (-15 to -10 ˚C)
  • H6: hardy in all of UK and northern Europe (-20 to -15 ˚C)
  • H7: hardy in the severest European continental climates (< -20 ˚C)
This plant has won a RHS award

2-3 Litre Pot

  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Position: Full sun
  • Soil: Moist, well drained
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Hardiness: H7
  • Eventual Height: 11m
  • Eventual Spread: 6m

The Abies Koreana also known as the ‘Korean fir’ and a holder of the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit is a small, bushy, evergreen conifer with leaves of dark green colour, curling to thAbies Koreana, commonly referred to as the Korean Fir, stands as a true testament to nature’s artistry in the landscapes of the United Kingdom. With its captivating form, distinctive foliage, and elegant cones, this evergreen conifer is a cherished addition to UK gardens, imparting a touch of timeless beauty and natural charm.

Physical Characteristics:

This variety is renowned for its striking appearance, which sets it apart from other conifers.   It displays a distinctive pyramidal shape, with a graceful silhouette that reaches heights of up to 4 metres. Its branches are symmetrically layered, creating a balanced and appealing profile.  The conifer boasts short, glossy, dark green needles that radiate from its branches. These needles are slightly curved and possess a unique texture, offering a pleasant tactile experience for those who come into contact with the tree.

What truly distinguishes this variety are its remarkable violet-blue cones. These cones are relatively small but abundant, adding an unexpected splash of colour to the tree. Their striking hue, in contrast with the deep green needles, lends an enchanting and unforgettable presence.

How to care for your Abies Koreana

  • Sunlight: Plant in a location that receives full to partial sun. While it can tolerate some shade, it thrives and displays its best coloration when given ample sunlight.
  • Soil: Ensure the soil is well-draining, as they do not tolerate waterlogged conditions. A slightly acidic to neutral soil pH is ideal, although this adaptable tree can grow in various soil types.
  • Watering: Younger plants benefit from consistent moisture. Water deeply when the soil becomes dry to the touch, particularly during dry spells in the summer. Mature trees are generally drought-tolerant.
  • Mulching: Apply a layer of organic mulch around the base of the tree to help conserve soil moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature. This is especially beneficial in regions with harsh Winters.
  • Pruning: Pruning is typically minimal, as the tree naturally maintains its attractive form. Remove any dead or damaged branches as needed to keep the tree healthy.
  • Fertilisation: Korean Firs generally do not require heavy fertilisation. An annual application of a balanced, slow-release fertiliser in the Spring is usually sufficient for younger trees.
  • Winter Care: It is well-suited to the UK’s climate and is generally hardy. However, in particularly severe Winters, it may benefit from protective measures such as burlap wraps or horticultural fleece to shield it from frost and heavy snow.

In conclusion, Abies Koreana is a true horticultural gem. Its captivating appearance, adaptability, and low maintenance requirements make it a beloved choice among gardeners seeking to infuse their landscapes with natural beauty and enduring elegance. Whether as a specimen, a backdrop, or a feature in a rock garden, this remarkable evergreen stands as an iconic symbol of the timeless allure of nature.



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