Letsgoplanting Ltd,.-January Time
January Time - 19/01/2015
New Year, new start, 2015 we welcome in with many idea's, and the chance to look at our gardens with fresh eyes and inspiration, help with your ideal garden can be found here at Letsgoplanting. ( follow our Letsgoplanting garden on Pinterest ). January is a wonderful month to see the garden at its barest, you can see the main structure without it's dressing, giving you a feel for what you have, and, what you could achieve. Now is the ideal time for moving any plants that you feel ar..
December Time - 15/12/2014
Halfway through December already! And with all the wind we've been having lately most of the trees and shrubs are now starting to show their own shape, having lost the bulk of their leaves, giving us the opportunity to see what plants require thinning out, and where new planting is required. Also, enabling us to add some winter colour. It may be that colourful stemmed plants such as the Cornus famiy, where we can introduce the yellow of Cornus Flavamera, or the vibrant reds of Cornus West..
Letsgoplanting Ltd,.-Novembers Arrival
Novembers Arrival - 03/11/2014
November has arrived and with it the blustery weather, the rain was certainly needed in the garden, and gave us, here, at Letsgoplanting, the ideal opportunity to continue extending the garden, with many specimen shrubs and trees now planted, we will continue to update our progress on our Pinterest Page, ( Please take a peek, and offer any suggestions. ). I've been busy this month, with the last of the division, creating larger numbers of some varieties of plants ideal for batch planting&..
Letsgoplanting Ltd,.-Autumn Changing
Autumn Changing - 13/10/2014
Hi all. Hasn't it been a glorious September? Autumn is such a stunning time, with so much going on, each morning we see the change in the countryside, the reds and yellows are particularly vibrant. In the Letsgoplanting garden, my attention was drawn to a pseudolarix amabilis standing proud with its brilliant yellow needles sharply defined against the lush green of the lawn. ( you can follow the Letsgoplanting garden on our web site or Pinterest ). The wildlife in the garden al..
Letsgoplanting Ltd,.-Autumn Planting
Autumn Planting - 15/09/2014
Hi All. With the children now back to school, and Autumn fast approaching ( September 23rd. ) it's time to step back, and consider how we want our garden to look over the next few months. September sees the beginning of the changing colours of autumn, Parrotia persica is a firm favourite of mine, with its leaves now beginning to change from the deep green of summer through to vivid yellows and orange then vibrant shades of red a wonderful addition for the larger garden. Also of..
Letsgoplanting Ltd,.-A warm Wordless Wednesday
Hopefully this brings a warm feeling to you on this cold wintery day........ ..
Letsgoplanting Ltd,.-Wordless Wednesday 20/11/13
Hope this brings you a bit of warmth on these could wintery days..... ..
Letsgoplanting Ltd,.-Introducing the Letsgoplanting team: Ian Phillips
As a gardener, I'm always interested to find out what makes other gardeners tick. Yes, what is it that engages them in gardening and how did it start?   My story is simple. I grew up in the company of people interested in gardening, once I got 'bitten by the gardening bug', I got out there and started being involved with plants.    So, being a guest blogger with the team of 'Let's Go Planting', it was a natural question to ask about the founder, Ian Phillips, an..
Letsgoplanting Ltd,.-Wordless Wednesday..Just one day late...
  The Mahonia Charity is looking brilliant at the moment, This is our Wordless Wednesday Picture (just one day late) Hope you all enjoy...... Mahonia Charity is only £10.99 in a 3 litre pot.... worth a look? http://www.letsgoplanting.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=mahonia&product_id=565   www.letsgoplanting.co.uk   ..
Letsgoplanting Ltd,.-Passionate about plants & Letsgoplanting
I'm passionate about plants and gardening. Yes, it's as simple as that. Since my mid teens, when I first encountered horticulture through working in a nursery, which was open to the public, I was bitten by the gardening bug. Looking, listening & learning. Absorbing all that I could about plants, their native habitats, growing conditions, how to grow them, what to do with them, etc. And loving it. So many people would come in to ask questions and talk plants and gardening, and I ..
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